How To Wear Leather Jackets To Work?

How To Wear Leather Jackets To Work?
When you’re keeping up with this fast-paced technology driven world, working a 9 to 5 desk job and spending the rest of the day doing house chores; staying in touch with iconic and chic go-to office uniforms isn’t really a walk in the park. In this case, the best option you have is to wear leather jackets to work. Leather jackets have been a part of the vintage fashion industry for longer than we can remember, but this certain style stigma has never failed to become the buzzword in the town. However, whenever people are advised to add vintage leather jackets to their office attire collection, a common question is, how to wear leather jackets to work?
There are a number of different leather jackets available in the marketplace, such as bomber leather jackets, biker leather jackets & vintage leather jackets and there are numerous ways to wear leather jackets to work as well. Let us discuss some of these to help you out in looking fabulous on your way to office in the coming days!

Mixing It Up With A Button Up:

Mixing It Up With A Button Up

Wearing a button up to work is quite common for most desk job slaves, however, mixing it up with a black leather jacket on top can transform your look. When you wear leather jackets to work on top of the formal attire you have been wearing, you are noticed by your work circle instantly. Moreover, if you’ve added a biker leather jacket to it, you’ll certainly stand out more than you used to.

Add A Pair Of High Heels With It!

Add A Pair Of High Heels With It

When a working woman asks how to wear leather jackets to work, it’s simple; add a pair of high heels to that stunning motorcycle jacket you have in your closet. High heels and black leather jackets have always been one of the top combinations to wear formally, especially to work. Adding a pair of black jeans and a white top to this outfit can make the whole attire even more dapper.

The All Black Outfit:

The All Black Outfit

When you’ve decided to add a bit of funk to your formal office uniforms, and wear leather jackets to work this winter, sticking with the ‘old is gold’ all black attire is the best way to start off your fashion frenzy. A black bomber, a black top or tee-shirt with a pair of black jeans would do an amazing job. Moreover, you can add a black leather wrist watch with this turnout, to complete a ravishing look!

Add A Scarf To It:

Add A Scarf To It

Another amazing combination you can try when you are looking to wear leather jackets to work is a straight fit leather jacket with a scarf. Although this might not seem much, but a scarf can add a lot to your entire look, and become an added style statement for you, whenever you walk in that workspace of yours.

The question of how to wear leather jackets to work has a very simple answer to it, think out-of-the-box. Innovation in fashion has always been applauded, as it is something which is not easy to carry, in a world where a certain formal uniform has been adapted for your workplace. Hence, this season, be a bit different from everybody and rock your attires with leather jackets on top!