How To Wear Red Leather Jacket?

No one would deny that a leather jacket is a must-have for every boy and girl. Black or brown leather jackets have been in fashion for as long as we remember. However, more unconventional colors have made entry into the fashion world over the past few decades and we couldn’t be more ecstatic. Every leather enthusiast will tell you that a well-crafted leather jacket is what makes your overall outfit look absolutely elite and royal.

This clothing item, single-handedly, can take your mediocre look to a new level of extraordinary and brilliant. We have discovered a newly-found love for a red leather jacket and noticed that celebrities have been rocking this piece for a long time. So how about we dig a little deeper, see how our favorite Hollywood stars wear their red leather jackets, and get some fashion inspiration from them?

Look at our very dear Kristen Stewart shining bright in this quilted red leather jacket on a sunny day. Red leather jackets are bold and reflect your inner charm hence pairing it with single tones would be the best idea. In other words, we’d recommend you to avoid wearing yellow, red or other bright-colored trousers with your red leather jacket. You’d look absolutely stunning in all black that complements your otherwise bright red leather jacket. Depending on the occasion, you can choose heels, ankle boots, or sneakers.

Another great way to amp up your fashion wardrobe is to buy a suede leather maroon jacket with contrasting silver hardware. The fashion possibilities are endless with this piece of clothing depending on your mood, weather, and occasion. To upgrade your party attire, how about a belted leather jacket paired with a slightly lighter t-shirt so your jacket completely stands out. The best bottoms to pair with a maroon jacket are mostly black. Military boots with laces will elevate your chic look.

We would love to take fashion inspiration from Paris Hilton. We have all been obsessed with her since the 90s’. Here, she rocks a perfect hip and happening yet trendy airport attire. Her red leather jacket is all bright and shiny, looking trendy with a plain black t-shirt and navy jeans. She’s loaded with accessories to balance out the overall look with a big black necklace, wristband, a bandana, and sunglasses. Don't forget a leather black handbag to carry your stuff.

Animal prints and long leather coats have always been our favorite. Look at this red long leather trench coat with a stunning belt. With this ensemble, you’ll be ready to walk the ramp or head out for a rock concert. It’s the kind of clothing item that goes well with any outfit for any occasion. Trench coats come in many lengths. If you go with the one that’s slightly above the ankles, high boots will look really chic. If you’re taking a long trip, we recommend a leather tote bag as an accessory and you can add a neck scarf to your outfit as well.

From the family of red tones, this maroon has always been our absolute favorite. The best thing about this one is that you can pair it with dark as well as lighter shades such as a beige t-shirt and faded denim. The ideal clothing combination for a busy day at work, hectic university affairs, hanging out with the gals, or a club night. Do something fancy with your hair to rock this attire on new years eve. Not only does this attire make you look stunning and fashion-forward, but the comfort that comes with it also has no match. Once you start wearing a comfy leather jacket, there’s no going back. You won't like any other piece of clothing as much as your favorite maroon leather jacket.

If you’re the kind of girl who likes to have her fashion statement set apart from the rest, a red leather jacket with lots of pockets, belts, and silver contrasting accessories will be the ideal pick. On a crazy winter night, you can pair it with a dark turtleneck sweater and blue jeans. However, summer calls for lighter tones so pair your red jacket with faded denim and a plain t-shirt. Depending on what your day looks like, you can pick sandal heels, ankle boots, or white sneakers.

As far as men’s fashion is concerned, some might feel that red is too bright. But we don’t agree. Look at one of the Jonas brothers rocking his sweatshirt-style leather jacket. He skipped the shirt to keep it trendy and minimal. For bottoms, black jeans or formal trousers will go perfectly well. On a sunny day, you should try a hat and sunglasses for accessories. Black sneakers or Chelsea boots will add a certain charm to your overall trendy personality.

How about opting for a rock-star attire by taking fashion inspiration from the legend himself? Justin has always done justice to his fashion attires and this red leather jacket costume is no exception. The stunning biker leather red jacket elevates the overall look of plain black jeans and a t-shirt. If you’re looking to buy a leather jacket in a non-traditional color such as black or brown, the best option would be to go for red. It’s so much brighter, happening, and trendy. And when paired with the right kind of outfits, it can be a game-changer.

One might believe that a red leather jacket can never be a red carpet attire. Well, think again. How about this hottie who is rocking the black and red motorcycle leather jacket attire, paired with a black t-shirt and jeans? To add a bit of rockstar touch to your average look, you should seriously consider leather black trousers. This simple switch between jeans and leather pants can make a major difference. The difference in texture, fitting and overall vibe can turn you into a fashion icon. To keep your look on a formal side, go with moccasins, suede Chelsea boots, or military shoes with laces.

It’s great if you already own a red leather jacket because now you have so many ideas to pair it with the right clothing items. If you don’t have a red leather jacket in your closet, check out LJS collection and pick the one that goes well with your hip and happening personality.