Is Leather Breathable?

Leather comes in all types, forms, shapes and sizes depending on the animal it has been obtained from. Coming to a conclusion when it comes to a question whether leather is breathable or not, it's hard to decide because it may vary depending on the quality, thickness and other factors. As far as breathability is concerned, it is one of the most special properties of leather, which no other substitute material comes with i.e. faux, synthetic, vegan leather.

Leather is known for its property to retain moisture due to the fact that it is basically animal skin. This moisture plays the main role in keeping your leather products as good as new and protected against any kind of damage that is caused by dryness. The closely knit fibers yet beautifully placed at a certain calculated distance of natural leather makes it breathable. This property of real leather ensures that your leather product; jacket, bag or shoes are long lasting and keep getting better with the passage of time.

Is leather a breathable fabric?

If we get to the specifications, real leather is breathable. Although it is also treated, tanned and finished using certain chemicals to make it wearable and ensure durability. Along with being breathable, real leather is flexible and generally quite malleable as well. However, if we talk about Faux-leather, it has the tendency to be rigid and tough because of synthetic material that is used in its making. Absence of the same natural elements such as moisture and texture, make faux leather more prone to dryness as compared to the real one.

Are leather sneakers breathable?

There are a number of shoe manufacturers who make breathable sneakers. These kinds of footwear not only are the perfect choice for those who like their feet to feel airy, but also an ideal fashion statement for all the stylish and modern people. One of the biggest advantages or a reason why people go for such shoes as compared to the other ones is because they are best for the smelly feet. It's normal for some people to sweat in their feet during hot weather or simply because of the absence of air. However, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Breathable sneakers are the best alternative for you.

How does leather breathe?

The process of breathing could be a bit complex when it comes to leather. As we’re all aware that leather comes from animal hide which is basically the skin. And just like the skin of any human being, animal skin has pores as well that makes it breathe. Even when the skin is separated from the animal itself, the skin continues the breathing process, however, it needs a certain push from time to time such as a suitable cleaner, conditioner or an oil. Leather has a natural moisture and when it inhales, the moisture is absorbed from the air around it and draws this in deep into the fibers. As it makes its way deep into the pores, the older moisture leaves the hide. It's amazing how pores open on their own and make space for the new, fresh moisture.

How to Maintain Leather?

When animal skin is separated from it, many nutrients are lost and the process of breathing for the skin is slowed down. However, to restore the moisture and keep the breathing process smooth, certain care-taking steps should be followed. No matter how much you have spent on your precious breathable leather jacket, bag or shoes, if you don't take care of it, it is likely to get damaged from dryness. If you use your leather accessory very frequently, make sure to properly clean it every once in a while. Keep it away from too much water or heat exposure because it could lead to cracking and tearing. When the leather is no longer part of the cow or sheep, proper care of a leather has to be considered. You must make efforts to fulfill the leather’s moisture needs using certain products. I.e. leather cleaner, leather conditioner, leather oil, leather moisturizer.