Journey from Site to the Streets - LJS outlet in Australia

Journey from Site to the Streets - LJS outlet in Australia
Over the past few years, our e-commerce retailer has seen rapid growth and the timing couldn’t get any better. Markets are filled with the shoppers around this time of the year and they’re always in search for something that is long lasting, useful and looks stunning at the same time.
Considering the amount of appreciation and acceptance that the online store, got from the Australian clientele, We decided to take a step forward and set up an outlet where all our top selling items would be available. Providing you with a rather exciting opportunity to have a leathery warm experience. Step into a room full of leather products of all colors, sizes but quality remains consistent because we can’t improve the perfect.
Real motivation behind this outlet is to make your shopping experience more joyous and satisfying. Take a look at our products, check the quality, try them on and get the size correct before you actually buy them.
Your trust and confidence in our Leather Products, has helped us grow and take yet another leap on the road to success. This overwhelming appreciation and recognition has encouraged us big time, and that is why we are just not an online store anymore, you can make a quick stop at our store or take your friends along and visit.
By opening this outlet, we are hoping to fill the needs of leather jacket enthusiasts who would like to actually touch and wear the item before making a decision to buy it. We offer a wide range of Leather Fashion Wear for both men and women and have all sorts of customization options available. Now you can walk-in to our showroom and get to feel our quality leather products for real. Initially we were only offering Mens Leather Jackets at the store but now we have Womens Leather Fashion Apparel up on the shelves as well.
Someone once said that the Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and we’re pretty sure he was talking about the step we take towards the market for shopping! This surely is one of our many small steps indicating that we are going in the right direction at the right speed.
Our doors are wide open for you and we would love to have you come in and give us an opportunity to have a one-on-one interaction, whilst you take a look at our quality leather jackets made with the finest material.
You can definitely look and select from the existing stock. You might as well take a paper & pencil and draw your imagination and we would love to stitch it for you. We would be more than glad to go the extra mile for you and have a Jacket exclusively tailored as per your requirements and preferences. So get ready for the most amazing ride towards our store that you can easily find on google maps.
4 Drakes Pl, Wollert VIC 3750, Australia. This is where all your leather related dreams will come true. Hurry up. We’re waiting for you.