Waxed Jackets for a Vintage Look

Waxed Jackets for a Vintage Look

For pretty much all leather accessories, there are limited types, grades, and finishing available in the market. So many options can be overwhelming and make the shopping process complicated. If you know about your desired item in depth, you'll be in a better place to make the right purchase. In this post, we aim to help you find the best leather waxed jackets that not only update your fashion wardrobe but also make sure that they last with you for a lifetime. We enlist important details like the material a product is made of, its color, or its size. But there are a few more particular specifications that may not make much sense to the unaware, however, can really impact your experience as a leather enthusiast with your waxed leather jacket or a bag.

It is important to note that all leather goods have a waxed and sealed finish that helps maintain the color fastness and longevity of the product's aesthetic. As a result, the wax and finish keep the product looking new and natural for a longer period of time. It helps protect the color from the grease on your hands and the dirt and grime of the environment. Let's see some of the best leather waxed jackets in LJS collection to amp up your style statement:

Did you know that there is more to waxed jackets than just styling? Not only do they look great, but they also provide protection against the elements as well. You'll also be happy to learn that these are very easy to clean and maintain. Another benefit is that there are varieties made for all seasons. Have a look at this stunning brown beauty from our collection that makes you stand out in your circle. Apart from its unique color, this jacket features a snap tab collar along with matching brown studs. The contrasting black front zipper closure stands out. This jacket is quite spacious with its two waist side pockets and one chest zipper pocket. Long fitted sleeves have zipper cuffs. The padded design on the shoulders makes it more spunky. Adjustable belts on the waist's sides are just stunning. It’s time to take a break from your conventional black or tan leather jacket attire and try this one out. So grab this beauty and make every head turn.

You may have heard of waxed coats, but don't know the benefits. The waxed jacket looks like a normal jacket on the outside but goes through a special process that makes them stand out and appear special as compared to all other types of leather outerwear. Waxing a jacket protects it from chemicals, water, and bad weather conditions. And if you are looking to purchase one now, we recommend trying your hands on this one! Gentlemen who love the subtle and sober look can wear this brown beauty with a pair of dress pants and a plain black shirt. The jacket comes with two waist sides and two chest pockets with matching zippers. Long-fitted sleeves will fit your arms perfectly. Our highly skilled team has done an amazing job in crafting this masterpiece that will last a lifetime. Immaculately stitched, this jacket stands above the rest in terms of quality and design. Premium quality material has been used in the making so Don't waste the time and place your order right away.

Waxed leather jackets have long been the choice of motorcyclists, bikers, and other adrenaline lovers. If you value your safety, taste in style, and appreciate comfort, investing in a genuine waxed leather jacket should be your first priority. LJS has the best collection of outstanding waxed leather jackets to help you take your fashion up a notch. For example, the snap tab collar and the contrasting copper YKK zipper front closure on this jacket is what you need in your closet right away. One zipper pocket on the chest and two on the waist sides will fulfill the need for extra space for your accessories. Not only we have used premium quality leather, and buttons on the collar and cuffs but also we went for the super comfortable and durable lining on the inside. Stylish patches on the shoulders are just a gorgeous addition. This jacket is designed to accompany you to many places and occasions. So grab this Men's Blue Waxed Leather Jacket with a Red undertone by placing your order right away.

The waxed jacket is suited to the outdoorsman and gentleman adventurer who seeks a garment that is functional and fashionable as well. Originally designed for stylish horseback riders, this canvas outer leather jacket has been refined into a high-quality and stylish garment for use in the modern-day world. Customers have come to love it not only for its rugged style but also for its practical ability to keep them dry and toasty. This versatile jacket is designed to accompany you on almost all occasions i.e. a night out with friends, a road trip on the weekend, in the club, or a busy day at work. This apparel is vowed to make you look edgy and cool at all times. Some amazing features include a front silver zipper closure along with a simple snap tab collar. Double stitching throughout the jacket, two waist side pockets, and two chest pockets with zippers make this jacket even more amazing and practical. Our stitchers have put in extra effort in making this piece extra special for you. So what are you waiting for?

Before purchasing a waxed jacket you need to know a few things. Waxed jackets, although expensive, are worth every penny in terms of quality and durability. They are made using compressed cotton that is treated with vapor wax or resin and then heated by putting the cotton in large ovens. This process gives the jackets their water-repellent qualities, providing protection from rain and wind. We are proudly presenting this gorgeous piece of garment that will fulfill all your fashion requirements and keep you warm and comfortable at the same time. The useful yet spunky features include extra charm to this outerwear. We have used premium quality leather along with heavy-duty hardware to make this jacket the best garment you’ll ever own. The quilted design on the shoulders is something you’ll definitely love and the front zipper closure goes all the way up to the snap tab collar.

So if you don't already have a waxed leather jacket, then we suggest you go out and buy one immediately. It's definitely worth the price considering they last forever and look amazing.