What Is Buffalo Leather?

What Is Buffalo Leather?

Leather produced from buffalo hides is known as buffalo leather. This type of leather is also called bison leather. Buffalo leather is made from buffaloes raised for either milk or meat. Using different methods, the skin of these animals is used to make leather at the end of their lives. The grain pattern of buffalo leather differs from that of cow or goat leather. Buffalo skin's thickness makes it much more durable than cow and other animal hides commonly used. Nonetheless, this leather is still extremely soft and flexible. These qualities make it an excellent material for high-quality leather products. Leather accessories such as bags, jackets, and other clothing are made from it.

Buffalo Leather Vs Cow Leather

Buffalo leather is often compared with cow leather because people may get confused between these two. However, the primary difference is that we use buffalo leather when we need a product to last longer. This material is thicker and more flexible than cowhide. Buffalo leather has wider and thicker fibers, which give it a distinctive grain. Strength is dictated by the thickness of the hide or the leather grade. Buffalo hides are typically not stretchable as much as cow leather.

​​The high elasticity and strength of buffalo leather make it very resistant to pressure and burns. Despite not being able to rip or burn easily, this material is extremely durable.

Is Buffalo Leather Expensive?

Buffalo leather is more expensive than cow leather because of its superior strength and quality. Despite their size, buffalo hides are lighter than cow leather due to their lack of stretching. Ultimately, leather prices still vary on the basis of its grade, which includes full-grain, top-grain, bonded, and so on.

Is Buffalo Leather Waterproof?

Buffalo leather is not completely waterproof, like any other type of leather. Water can penetrate leather to a certain extent even when it has been treated with oils, waxes, or waterproof coatings. Hence, it's always recommended to avoid water exposure and wipe it off if there's been a spilling accident.

For waterproofing leather, you can find a variety of sprays and waxes on the market. A certain degree of waterproofing can also be achieved using beeswax. Although leather can be dried quickly, it is always advisable to do so as soon as possible.

What Is Buffalo Leather

How To Care For Buffalo Leather?

The smooth finish and strong fibers of buffalo leather make it easy to maintain, since dust, animal hair, and bacteria cannot get stuck in it. The ease of maintenance is one of the biggest reasons for its popularity among men and women. You can wipe it clean with a cloth dipped in soap if you spill something on it.

We recommend you to use a leather detergent every once in a while to make sure that it stays in a good shape for a longer period of time. You can also find leather creams and moisturizers on the internet or in a supermarket designed especially to protect this kind of material. We recommend conditioning leather annually as well.