What is Pigmented Leather?

What is Pigmented Leather

We have all probably thought about purchasing leather that won’t break the bank and is also easy to maintain. Well, pigmented leather is one of the most affordable leathers in the market. With low maintenance requirements, this form of leather is quite alluring.

The catch is that pigmented leather does tend to be less supple than what you would feel with an original leather jacket or shoe. It is also less breathable. The texture and finish of the pigmented leather itself also make it a bit of a challenge to repair any rips, tears, or punctures.

Also widely known as Protected Leather, this form of leather contains pigment particles that modify the entire surface of the leather, leaving it with an opaque finish. The finishing aspect of pigmented leather ensures that the natural grains are almost invisible to the naked eye.

The cherry on top of it all is the level of durability pigmented leather has to offer. So if you are one of those people who can overlook the natural look and feel of leather, pigmented leather is your next best choice.

Characteristics of Pigmented Leather

We have divided leather in the following categories based on the traits they come with before or after treatment:

Vigorous Color

We have the spray dye to thank for the uniform color throughout the hide that pigmented leather showcases. This also means the color will not fade away with time and you can flash your pigmented leather jacket for years to come.


Original authentic leather is extremely high maintenance. Pigmented leather has made the job relatively easy with its trouble-free upkeep. The key player is the protective layer on the surface, which makes the hide free of any maintenance requirements. Additionally, the cleaning of the upholstery is a piece of cake!

Waterproof and Resistant

With a protective coating on the surface and a smooth surface, it becomes impossible for water vapors to pass through pigmented leather. This not only results in a water-resistant surface but also one that will remain stain-free.

Easy on the pocket

Fulfill all your dreams of owning a leather accessory and styling it in various ways without burning a hold in your pocket by purchasing pigmented leather. A budget-friendly alternative to expensive leather, pigmented leather loses its costly nature due to the buffing of the hide.

How Pigmented Leather Is Made

Identified around the world with various names protected leather, fully protected leather, and corrected leather, pigmented leather is a unique form of leather finish. Generally, when pigmented leather is manufactured, the process begins with lower-quality top-grain leather rather than full-grain one.

Pigmented leather attains its durability owing to the high standard of treatment it receives. Buffing of the hides removes the scars and imperfections allowing manufacturers to move ahead with the color coat.

To get rid of any and all blemishes on the surface of the leather the process includes a substantial amount of buffing. Now for the exciting part. The buffing follows a spray coating of the leather, which serves multiple purposes:

  • Coloring
  • Sealing, and
  • Protecting

We end up with a consistent and even finish on the leather that possesses the superpower of being extremely stain resistant. The next step involves embossing the material for texture leaving us with a water-resistant and study product.

So the magic is whenever you are looking at pigmented or corrected leather, what you are actually seeing is the finish.

How To Look After Pigmented Leather

You can let out a sigh of relief when it comes to cleaning pigmented leather. Care of this texture is immensely straightforward as the material is resistant to vapors including upholstery. By simply using a damp cloth you can remove all the stains from the surface of pigmented leather.

The obsessively clean part of your brain can relax knowing how easy it is to get rid of any unwanted stains from your pigmented leather items. Furthermore, you also do not have to invest in fancy, expensive conditioners to maintain their smoothness. A normal homemade leather conditioner will work perfectly fine to condition it.

Extra Tip: In order to avoid water marks after cleaning, use a damp colorfast cloth with boiled water and wipe the surface in gentle motions. This way there will be no watermarks left as it dries.