What Is Protein Leather?

What Is Protein Leather?

Leather comes in many shapes and varieties so it is important to know which one you’re getting your hands on while making a purchase decision. Real leather can be expensive, and frequent buyers might not prefer spending that much regularly, hence going for the alternatives. The texture and durability come nowhere near the real leather but it can look deceptively good. With much awareness about animal rights, people avoid using leather and fur which could also be a reason behind the recent popularity of protein leather. Don't get confused if you hear the word “pleather”. It’s just another term for Protein leather or artificial, synthetic, and fake leather. There are many ways of making artificial leather, but protein leather is made from protein powder mixed with chemicals.

What is pleather made of?

What Is Pleather Made Of?

The term “protein leather” simply means artificial leather that is manufactured by combining protein powder with resin to form a durable pliable sheet. The method requires great skill and lots of practice to come up with a material that looks and feels remarkably like leather. Protein Leather is synthetic leather that is often made with a special type of resin mixed with eggshells because it has a great amount of protein.

Some manufacturers might argue that there’s a difference between pleather and protein leather and it usually lies in the manufacturing process and ingredients. Protein leather also has better durability and handles humid weather in a better way as compared to pleather.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Protein Leather

Advantages and Disadvantages of Protein Leather

Protein leather, if crafted skillfully, can deceptively look just like real leather and if you’re not an expert, you won’t be able to tell the difference. Protein leather is more affordable than real leather, also, it has gained popularity recently with animal rights awareness campaigns. Since it is a machine-made product, it can have a perfectly consistent color and a uniform appearance, unlike real leather. Protein leather that is used in the making of car seat covers is of durability and can stand the test of extreme hot and cold weather. high-quality protein leather can even be more durable than real leather in some cases.

As far as the disadvantages are concerned, protein leather made out of low-quality material will hardly last for more than a year and won’t be able to stand the test of time. It will start to crack and tear and become more and more uncomfortable with time.

Difference between Real and protein Leather

Difference Between Real And Protein Leather

Real leather is far better than any other leather no matter what it’s made of. Leather comes from animal hide and after tanning, buffing, and other treatments, it’s turned into a masterpiece that serves you for a long time while looking as good as new. The texture, comfort, and charm that a leather jacket or bag provides you with are impossible to obtain from fake leather. Real leather keeps getting better with age by developing natural patina, however, protein leather is not capable of that. It is not breathable like leather, so you won’t be able to feel fresh and airy while wearing pleather. Apart from that, it can have an unpleasant smell and get sticky during hot weather. Jackets or other clothing made out of pleather is extremely thin as compared to real leather which means that it’s not warm at all and won’t be a good choice for winter clothing.