What Is Saffiano Leather?

What Is Saffiano Leather?

The popularity of Saffiano leather in recent years has become widespread. For decades, Prada was the only brand using the leather but it is now found in bags, wallets, and belts by many other brands such as Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Coach, and Longchamp. Aside from its exceptional durability, this leather also combines elegance and class, which makes it such a popular choice.

Saffiano got its name from the cross hatch print that was pressed into the wax coating. Based on vegetable-tanned leather, this product is supposed to be water-resistant. The origins of Saffiano leather are now spread across many countries and in a myriad of ways similar to how Russian, Moroccan, and Cordovan leather has been defined for centuries.

It is obvious that all modern designer brands use the same Saffiano print on their products. However, what differentiates between good and bad quality is the layer underneath the surface.

Advantages Of Using Saffiano Leather

First and foremost, Saffiano leather's strong wax finish allows it to withstand scratches that come with everyday use. The crosshatched pattern makes it difficult to see slight scuffs even when they do appear. Additionally, even heavy use won't soften the rigid surface. Water dribbles straight off the surface of the synthetic wax finish, making it suitable for regular outdoor use. However, we're not saying that Saffiano leather is waterproof. It will still need protection from heavy rain.

Moreover, you won't have to clean it every single day. It requires no special preparation to clean the surface, unlike other types of leather. Saffiano features a stunning glossy finish along with an alluring cross hatched texture. In accessories, it looks extremely sleek due to its glamorous aesthetic.

Why You Should Avoid Saffiano Leather?

For faux leather that is made from synthetic material, the prices of Saffiano leather are extremely high. Also, as compared to real leather, it is much more likely to be damaged by water, sun, or heat exposure. If you’re someone who likes leather in its natural, imperfect form, this type of leather is not the next pick for you. The life span of this leather is not even close to that of real leather.

How To Care For Saffiano Leather?

One of the most common mistakes that people make when it comes to cleaning leather is using any cleanser they can get their hands on. It makes the leather dry and cracks start to appear. Always use a leather cleaner that is specifically made for your leather type. That’s the most important thing to consider when it comes to preserving a leather jacket or other accessories for a long time.

Cold weather and rain droplets can cause the leather to get hard. To prevent your leather from getting too dry, use a leather conditioner once or twice a month, and never use bleach to clean it. You should apply a layer of moisturizer to your jacket every once in a while. Using a soft cloth slightly dampened with water will help remove lighter stains or dust. The gentle nature of baby wipes makes them an excellent alternative. Use a slightly damp soft brush instead if dirt is difficult to scrub from the groves in the grain pattern. It is possible that you will have to buy a specialized stain remover if any of the methods above cannot remove the stain you are facing.