What is Yak Leather?

Yak leather, just like any other leather, is a luxury item that can elevate your overall attire. A leather jacket made out of yak leather is not very popular for certain reasons, however, it can be extremely stunning and comfortable if made using the right techniques. High-end fashion brands have started to adapt yak leather as their primary source of leather for certain accessories hence the popularity is growing. It is the type of leather you might not come across often. But there has been much evidence for this leather being around for thousands of years and does have some great characteristics for use in leathercraft. Initially, animal skin and leaves were the only ways to be used for covering up. That was the time when all kinds of leather including Yak actually originated. However, recently, it has begun to be used as a fashion luxury item. Let’s discuss certain characteristics and qualities of Yak leather to figure out if it’s a better option as compared to cowhide or sheep. Also, where does it stand when it comes to durability?

What is Yak made of?

Yak leather comes from long-haired domesticated cattle that are most commonly found throughout the Himalayan region. The hair on it basically protects the skin underneath which makes the leather super fine and uniform. This type of leather is multi-seasonal leather that consists of a thin, compact woven collagen fiber and closed fine grain. These are the kind of characteristics this leather is famous for. The uppermost layer of the skin protects the yak during extremely hot and cold weather. Because of the nature of the skin, yak stands out and looks super unique as compared to any other hide. The texture of yak leather cannot be compared with any other leather and the kind of softness and uniformity it brings is hard to find in other leathers. Just like some other leather types, this one also gets better with age. And because of its high resistance against extreme weather, you can use it in winters, paired with a sweatshirt as well as during summer evenings with denim shorts. This type of leather mostly ends up with a nubuck finish to enhance the overall texture and feel.

Is yak leather strong?

Yak leather is super durable. All around the world Yak is known to be an animal that produces one of the strongest yet smooth leather. Not only that, yak leather is resistant to extreme weather conditions as well. The fact that it goes through an intense finishing process and is not damaged is somewhat amazing. The sturdiness and the strength of this leather come from the thin closely woven collagen fiber. The lightweight leather along with some other amazing characteristics such as high breathability and extreme durability, makes it an ideal choice for everyday use.

How do you clean Ecco yak leather shoes?

First of all, you need to keep your yak leather away from too much water and heat exposure. And after frequent use, make sure to clean it if you see any spots or spills. Apart from that, once in a while, you should do the deep cleaning of your yak leather jacket or shoes. It can be easily cleaned by moistening a piece of cloth and gently rubbing it over the soiled area in a circular motion. If the dirt has penetrated any deeper or you want to thoroughly clean the leather, you should always go for a specific leather detergent that is made for Yak leather. To restore any moisture that might be lost during the cleaning process, use a leather conditioner.

To ensure that your yak leather jacket stays as good as new for a really long time, apply a leather moisturizer.

Is yak leather waterproof?

Just like any other type of leather, if you soak it in water, there are high chances that your leather will be ruined. No matter what the type of the leather is or what finishing does it have, it should be kept away from too much water or heat exposure.

Due to the kind of finishing the yak leather has and the whole tanning process, it is somehow resistant to extreme weather conditions and water, however, you should always be careful if you wish that it stays with you for a long time. If maintained well, you can actually pass your leather jacket to the next generation.