Why Does Leather Turn Yellow?

Why Does Leather Turn Yellow?

No doubt leather is a luxurious piece of clothing that takes your ordinary attire to the next level and gives you an elite look. However, taking care of your leather jacket or bag can be a tricky task considering how delicate it can be. One wrong move and the leather will be ruined beyond repair. Light colors such as white, tan, or the shades of pink can be affected by the discoloration as compared to the dark ones.

We’re all aware that the leather is made from animal hide that contains natural fats and oils in great amounts and has a yellowish-brown color. Fatliquors contain unsaturated oils that can be problematic for your precious leather jacket. This is why you should never compromise on the quality and always go for the premium ones. Hundreds of factors are considered while manufacturing a leather jacket or bag which also explains the high pricing.

How Do You Remove Yellow Stains From Leather?

How Do You Remove Yellow Stains From Leather?

Depending on the cause of the discoloration of leather, the solution may vary. However, one of the most common and widely used remedies for a leather turned yellow is to make a solution by mixing lukewarm water in a few drops of Castile or liquid dish soap and some vinegar. Use a clean cotton cloth to clean. Remember to be gentle because rubbing the leather too hard might damage the texture and softness. Don't use a hairdryer or put your leather accessory in direct sunlight. It will do more harm than good.

What Causes Leather To Discolor

What Causes Leather To Discolor?

The leather jacket or bag that is made out of premium quality material by the professionals will never show any signs of discoloration. The techniques and tricks that go into manufacturing high-end leather clothing products are what makes them super expensive.

Badly tanned and manufactured leather accessories are most likely to turn yellow. The natural fats and oils found in the animal hide can cause this discoloration. So next time you plan on buying a leather jacket or bag, don't compromise on the quality to save a few bucks.

How Do You Clean Discolored Leather

How Do You Clean Discolored Leather?

There have been a number of ways that proved effective in the past to clean discolored leather. Mixing one part white vinegar with two parts water is the most popular and convenient because the two ingredients are readily available. However, do a spot test first and wait for at least a few hours to see the results. If it’s a success, apply the solution to the rest of the jacket or bag with a clean cloth dampened with it. In case of more stubborn stains, try using a soft toothbrush but make sure you’re gentle with it to avoid any permanent damage to the texture of leather.

How Do I Make Leather Look New Again

How Do I Make Leather Look New Again?

Use baking soda and water solution to get rid of the stains if any. Rub gently in circular motions to avoid any damage. Use a regular leather cleaner on your jacket or bag’s surface followed by a leather conditioner and moisturizer.

You don't have to wait for your jacket to get dirty before you clean it, apply cleaner and conditioner once in a while to maintain the texture and softness. Leather needs utmost care and attention to look as good as new for a long time. No matter how expensive your leather accessory is, if you don't care for it properly, it will be ruined.