Why are leather jackets so expensive

Follow this guide to learn why leather jackets are SO expensive. To your surprise, leather jackets are expensive not “just because” but due to very explicit reasons!.

Real leather is expensive

MONT5 leather jacket to show real leather is expensive

There is a vivid difference between real leather jackets and faux leather jackets. But the easiest way to identify real leather is through the material used. Real top-grain cowhide or sheep leather is expensive because there is a rigorous process of finding the right animal hide and transforming it into wearable leather. This process is known as tanning.

Leather can be tanned using a vegetable tanning method or a chrome tan. These methods of tanning can take from a day upto 40 days to tan one piece of leather.

Hence, the material of the jacket plays an important part in deciding how much a leather jacket will cost. Real leather jackets will be more expensive.

High quality leather jackets are handcrafted

Closeup of the hands of a leather craftsman in a leather shop

Anything that can be flushed out of a machine reduces production cost. As far as high quality leather jackets are concerned, you can’t make those using a mass production process. Each leather jacket is handcrafted; meaning it takes a lot of sweat and effort for craftsmen to produce each high quality handcrafted jacket.

A leather jacket can take upto a week to be ready!

Luxury leather jackets use the best hardware

Closeup to show how luxury brands use the best hardware

Luxury leather jackets are well… luxurious. They are made from the best accessories. These leather jackets last you a lifetime not only because of the type of leather but because of the hardware used. Luxury jackets are made from hassle free zippers and comfortable lining, . These accessories make each jacket last you a lifetime.

Real leather jacket prices start from A$250

Image of MONT5 leather jacket to show that leather jackets are expensive

If you’re looking to buy a leather jacket and it turns out to be anywhere less than A$250 then you’re being sold a “faux” or “genuine” leather jacket (which isn’t REAL!) Make sure you check to see that your high quality leather jacket is actually high quality. It should costs you a minimum of A$250.

A great example for that is Leather Jacket Shop. Leather Jacket prices at leather jacket shop range between A$250-A$500; that means they’re real leather jackets for sure!

You’re paying for a luxury brand’s marketing

Image that says “It is marketing” to show that luxury brands charge more for marketing

You might have seen leather jackets that cost around A$1000 or more. People tend to buy those leather jackets in hope of paying extra money for “high quality leather jackets” - But to be very honest, you’re being ripped off and their quality is the same as any other real leather jacket!

High-end leather brands produce leather jackets at the same cost as any real leather brand but the profit margin for a luxury brand is much higher. You’re basically paying for their marketing and any fancy packaging they may have promised! Don’t be fooled.

So, where to buy leather jackets from?

A man wearing a leather jacket in front of an ocean to show that there are a million choices while buying leather jackets

Now we come to the real question, where should you buy a leather jacket from after all? A brand such as leather jacket shop promises real leather jackets at reasonable prices. They cut out the middleman and lessen the marketing cost in order to give you the worth of every penny. So, the smartest place to buy a high quality luxury leather jacket would be from leather jacket shop.

Logo of leather jacket shop to show that a reasonable leather jacket can be bought at leather jacket shop

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