Accessories We Use in the Making of Leather Jacket

Accessories We Use in the Making of Leather Jacket
Have you ever wondered that your favourite piece of clothing, the one you never get bored of or the one that never goes out of fashion would not be the same without that zipper or studs, the belt of the shoulder epaulettes? Well, let's have that discussion. Each and every part of a leather apparel is equally significant and crucial to the final look. A wrong quality zipper or a mismatched stud can ruin your whole jacket. Let’s have a look at some of the most important accessories used in a leather jacket.
Top Quality Leather - Sheep & Cowhide
Leather that is used in the making of a leather jacket at LJS is obtained from the best tanneries in the world. Our jackets are usually made from Sheep or cowhide as these are the two most popular types of leather when it comes to a comfortable and trendy jacket. Cowhide is for heavier outerwear i.e. motorcycle or flight jacket, however, sheep leather is used for bomber and women leather jackets. From tanning till stitching, everything is done with hands. No machinery is used as the leather is delicate and should be handled with care.
YKK Zip Closure
YKK stands for Yoshida Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha. It’s a Japanese company founded in the early 1930s and as per the latest study, the company makes 7 billion zippers every year. Known to be the best in quality, these zippers add to the beauty of our leather jackets. It is extremely important to go with the right colour, size, placements and quality of the zipper because the wrong one can bring down a totally stunning jacket.
Inner Lining
A jacket is of no use if it is highly stylish but makes you feel uncomfortable. Each and every layer of a jacket plays a vital role in making it a complete package that is worth hundreds of dollars. Winter jackets come with comparatively heavy and warm inner lining made from quilted polyester, for summer, however, satin, cotton or mesh lining is used to keep it airy and comfortable.
Stylish Golden or Silver Buttons
High-quality brass buttons take the overall look of a jacket up a notch. Some jackets contain many buttons i.e. the ones with front button opening, snap tab collar and buttoned cuffs. Others have lapel collars with two or four studs. Either way, you wouldn’t like a jacket at all that loses a button after wearing it for a month or so. Which is why, durable and high-quality matching or contrasting buttons are important.
Side Pockets & One Inner Pocket
Who doesn’t like to keep a cell phone, keys and a wallet with easy and instant access? Nobody, right? Therefore, a leather jacket should be spacious and must have roomy pockets to accommodate your accessories. Most jackets have outer as well as inner pockets to provide some extra room. Some only have inner ones to keep the outlook minimal. The cutting and stitching of the pockets is a tricky job and the experts here at LJS do it skillfully.
LJS Logo
Last but not least, we proudly add the elegant logo of LJS on all our products to remind you of the best decision you made of making a purchase from us.
Now that you’re familiar with all the elements that go into the making of our masterpieces, how about you visit our website and check out some of the most gorgeous jackets at shockingly reasonable rates?