Evolution of Leather Jackets in Mankind

Evolution of Leather Jackets in Mankind
Leather jackets have been around since the beginning of times. In fact Leather is considered to be the most influential and consistent element in fashion world. People living in the prehistoric era used to wrap animal skin around their bodies, to fight the harsh weather conditions not knowing that they were actually setting pace for fashion trends.
Civilizations as old as Roman soldiers used leather for shoes, coats and even in their shields. Thus, leather remains to be the oldest friend of Mankind when it comes to style. Human beings, being the most curious of all creatures on earth couldn’t just stop there and had to explore more and more about leather. And the results over the period of time have been amazing. 
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The types of leather alone can have a thesis written on them, styling and stitching come at later stages. A relevant example of this parallel evolution emerged in World War I. Back then the fighter planes did not have enclosed cockpits which made it quite troublesome to fly at high altitudes. Pilots had to wear something that kept them warm on such heights, and guess what did they come up with? Of course, leather jackets and coats, and that’s how we were introduced to one of the pillars of fashion; Bomber Leather Jackets. Soon after, G-1 became so popular that people started to look at it as a collector’s item. The popularity of this American Military Leather Apparel further evolved into the symbols of Liberty, Adventure, Honor and above them all, Masculinity.
Soon after world war II, Leather Apparel Culture started to kick in strong. And one could see biker gangs wandering about the highways wearing leather. Iconic actors, like Marlon Brando started supporting Leather Attire in movies and paved the way for them into Hollywood and the fashion industry. Later-on the Rock Music scenario of the 60’s & 70’s gave a skyrocketing push to Leather Culture. And they became widely acceptable among men and women from all walks of life. 
Leather Jackets are not mere clothing items, and they are not considered just as that. They are more like legends, who have evolved as beautiful as ever and still remain as one of the most desired and cherished clothing items. Our innate love for leather has compelled us to come up with an extensive collection of Men’s Leather Jackets. Which further streams down into many sub-categories.