How Long Do Leather Jackets Last?

How Long Do Leather Jackets Last

At least one time in everyone's life when they consider buying a leather jacket. Everyone's closet has at least one leather jacket in it. Hence, making sure that it lasts for a long time is crucial as it can be a bit expensive, especially when you buy real leather. Using leather as apparel for protection from cold and also for fashion purposes is no doubt a great idea. It is possible to get several years of service from a high-quality jacket if you take proper care of it.

In the event that your jacket cannot be used further, the seller may have deceived you. As time passes, the durability of real leather jackets improves, while the durability of artificial materials is short-lived. That is the primary difference between real and fake leather. Other factors that determine the life of your leather include the animal hide, care and maintenance, usability, and water/heat exposure.

Are expensive leather jackets worth it?

Are expensive leather jackets worth it?

A leather jacket has been around for centuries, and you can see why. In addition to looking good, they last a very long time. A real leather jacket can cost you a significant amount of money, but any man or woman with a trendy and well-fitted leather jacket can tell you that it's well worth the investment. Whether you are a biker, a professional chef, or a college boy, a leather jacket will look great on you regardless of the event or age.

Coming to the question; is it sensible to invest a huge amount of money in a leather jacket - and the answer is yes. A good quality, pure leather jacket is always expensive but lasts for a long time. So don't think twice before grabbing a leather jacket to upgrade your fashion and wardrobe. Apart from being a long-lasting piece of clothing, a leather jacket has so many other reasons to be your favorite outfit. They are timeless and versatile costumes that never go out of fashion. You can carry them in winter to keep you warm by layering them with a sweater or wearing it during summer evenings with a t-shirt and shorts.

What is the longest-lasting leather

What is the longest-lasting leather?

Two of the best types of leather jackets are the ones that are made out of full grain and top grain leather. These are the best parts of animal skin and last for a lifetime. Let us dig deeper and learn more about each type in detail.


Full grain comes from the top layer of the animal hide which is why the amount of natural grain in this type of leather is highest. Due to the minimum amount of treatment that this leather goes through, there are marks and other imperfections on the hide. They give the leather a vintage vibe. Apart from being extremely durable, full-grain is airy that makes you feel fresh.

Top grain on the other hand is not as thick as the other type of leather which makes it less expensive. Top-grain is sanded to remove imperfections and to give it a more uniform look. It is long-lasting but is not even close to the durability that full-grain offers. On top of all that, full-grain leather ages beautifully. It means that the older your leather bag or a jacket gets, the smoother it will be.

Top Grain

Top grain may sound like it is top-quality leather, which may be true to some extent but the real meaning is actually different. It is the refined version of full grain leather but unlike this one, the top grain is sanded and buffed to remove imperfections and bring uniformity to the final product. This type of leather simply has a natural grain and is made out of the top layer of animal hide. Any leather can be considered top-grain unless and unless it is sanded or processed in order to make changes to make it look soft and smooth.

Do leather jackets fade?

Do leather jackets fade?

A leather jacket is made from animal hide and has characteristics just like human skin i.e. wear and tear, cracking, dryness and stiffness. It may even fade in color after rough and regular use. This could happen due to a lack of proper care and dust, sunlight, and water exposure.

Fading can be a sign of aging that is natural and can be a pleasant and appealing change for some people. For others, however, it becomes unsatisfying and unpleasant. Natural leather or the ones that are vegetable-tanned are more prone to fading as compared to chrome-tanned leather because of all the chemicals, waxes, and oils that are used to treat it. So if your leather jacket, purse, wallet, or couch has been used a lot and is showing signs of fading, you can try some home remedies to fix them or consult a professional.

How do you store leather jackets long-term?

How do you store leather jackets long-term?

There are two ways in which a leather jacket or a coat can be preserved for a long or short period of time and ensure that they stay as good as new for the entire season and even after that. You can either hang it in your closet or fold it and store it in a suitcase for the time being.

Hang your Jacket

Remember, never throw your leather outfit in a cupboard or at that corner chair in the room that carries your dirty laundry. After a busy and very stylish day, always remember to hang your jacket. That way you can steer clear of those wrinkles and tears on your leather outfit. Secondly, you need to know how to store a leather jacket in a suitcase. People mostly just follow a regular pattern like any other pair of clothes, which is a wrong approach.

Properly fold leather jacket

It is recommended that before sorting your jacket at the end of a season, you should clean it first by applying a leather conditioner, letting it dry and folding the arms in front, and rolling it. It makes the jacket fit nicely in your saddlebag or you can fold it in half, top to bottom, throw it in a leather jacket storage bag and jam it in your suitcase. And when you take it out in the next season, it will be as good as new.

How much should you spend on a leather jacket?

How much should you spend on a leather jacket?

A leather jacket is an investment piece, so keep that in mind when choosing one. If you buy a jacket that fits you well and is made out of pure leather, it should last you about 20 years. One of the best things about these is that they never go out of fashion so if you put them away for a year or two and take them out of your closet again, they'll still be trendy.

If you're buying from a traditional retailer, look for a jacket between $200 and $500 for the sweet spot of quality and price. That may sound like a lot, but if the jacket lasts you that 20 years, it breaks down to about $30 annually. Some labels can offer lower pricing but we would not recommend compromising on quality for a lower rate. Some labels can offer lower pricing with direct-to-consumer models that negate a lot of the industry’s overhead costs such as Leather Jacket Shop.