What Is Corinthian Leather?

What Is Corinthian Leather

When you're looking to buy a new leather accessory, it is always a better idea to do your research beforehand in order to avoid any unpleasant experience. The types, grades, and qualities of leather can be overwhelming for someone who doesn't know much about it. The same is the case when it comes to Corinthian leather. It is one of the lesser-known types and isn't very popular in the fashion world. Only when you dive deep into it, you'd realize that rather than being a type of leather, Corinthian is a marketing term that describes a marketing approach. This term was launched by Chrysler in 1974 to define high-quality leather seats. A Cordoba ad featuring Ricardo Montalban popularized the term, which led to increased sales for years to come.

What Is Corinthian Leather Made From?

Corinthian Leather is actually real leather. The only thing that makes this leather unique is its name. Some people often believe that Corinthian leather is made in Corinth. Corinth had nothing to do with its origin. A New Jersey leather processing plant turned cow leather into Corinthian leather. Due to the popularity of the term "Corinthian leather," many brands are now producing the material overseas as well.

A protective coating is usually applied to the leather used in cars. This is done in order to help ensure the longevity of the leather. In order to better understand Corinthian leather, think of common auto leather that has been processed and turned into a smooth finish, colored, and coated.

Is Corinthian Leather Expensive?

It's mostly expensive because of the name it has got due to the branding. It became popular among luxury car manufacturers and other fashion brands. Today, it is used in creating interiors of cars such as Rolls Royce, Hyundai, etc. The processing of this leather is a complex process however, it doesn’t justify the high price range.

A marketing strategy aimed at inspiring a feeling of richness and luxury in soft leather that is pliable, durable, and soft to the touch. As far as leather or origin is concerned, the term "Rich" that is often associated with this leather has no real meaning.

How To Maintain Corinthian Leather?

With a shoe brush, gently buff your leather to clean it. You will be able to brush away dust and dirt. After that, you can clean the surface with a leather detergent. Circular motions should be used. Before applying a conditioner to leather, let it dry completely.

You can also ensure the softness and shine of your leather accessories by moisturizing them regularly. Maintain the shape and texture of leather by using a leather moisturizer every once in a while, especially after cleaning. In addition, you should avoid exposing Corinthian leather to water as it can damage it beyond repair.