Why Does Leather Crack?

Why Does Leather Crack?
Leather is strong at the same time it’s smooth, delicate but long-lasting, stylish but comfortable. It is safe to say that it is the only piece of garment that contains such versatile characteristics. Leather is made out of animal skin which is quite susceptible to cracking. Let’s talk more about the reasons behind this and the ways through which you can protect your jacket from cracking.
Water or Sun Exposure
If you’re a leather enthusiast and have a jacket or a leather bag, you’d know that leather contains thousands of small “pores” on its surface just like human skin. For them to maintain their texture, moisture plays an important role but not in an overwhelming quantity. Too much sun or water exposure can lead to the moisture getting stuck on the skin and block the flow of air which may cause it to get stiff and crack eventually. Real leather is water-resistant to some extent but it’s better to not test its capabilities.
High humidity can cause the leather to lose its texture which is why maintaining a specific humidity level in your closet where the leather garment is placed should be balanced. Most people don't pay much attention to the level of humidity around them, they just check the temperature and take precautions accordingly. You must make sure to keep the humidity level to 40-50%, anything more than that can cause serious damage to your leather products i.e. cracking and stiffness.
Low-Quality Leather
Each and every factor plays a vital role in determining the life of a leather jacket but the most important one is the Quality. Whatever you do, wherever you get your jacket from, never compromise on the quality of your leather jacket. It may save you a few bucks but for the long run, it will only cause trouble by losing its real shape, texture, comfort and smoothness. Low quality leather has tendencies to degrade just after wearing it for 2-3 times so it’s better to spend some extra money and get the high-quality leather jacket to avoid cracking and other issues.
How to prevent the leather from cracking
If you have a leather jacket that is very dear to you, here’s how you can keep it as good as new for a long time and avoid cracking or tearing.
Clean Regularly
Leather jacket is a daily outfit that goes well with everything and on all occasions. Hence it can get dirty from all the dust, rain or heat. You can avoid the long term damage of the jacket by cleaning it regularly every once in a while. Getting it dry cleaned from a professional every other day might be a hassle so it’s better to use a leather cleaner and a damp cloth to do it at home. 
Apply Conditioner
Leather can easily lose moisture after daily use that can cause it to dry out and start cracking. There are a number of leather moisturisers easily available in the market. Grab one and apply it on your jacket after cleaning. Repeating this process once a month can not only keep your jacket as good as new but will also enhance the texture.
Keep your leather jacket brand new by following these simple steps. Taking proper care of it can save your jacket from cracking, tearing, stiffness and so much more.