What is Reptile Leather?

What is Reptile Leather?

Reptile leather is the type of leather that comes from reptiles such as snakes, lizards, crocodiles, and alligators. It is quite popular among high-end fashion brands that use it for the making of luxurious accessories such as expensive shoes and handbags.

The products made out of reptile leather are expensive because of the difficulty in producing leather from reptiles. Their skin structure is less stretchy and has a lower total usable surface, compared with mammals which is why the amount of leather obtained from one reptile hide is quite small. And other than these difficulties, it’s very rare to come across undamaged reptile skin. When it comes to crocodiles, specifically, only the belly and skins are processed as leather. This makes reptile leather significantly more expensive.

What is lizard leather?

Lizard leather is expensive, luxurious, and high-class leather just like alligator and ostrich leather. The characteristics that make this type of leather high in demand are its beautiful texture, softness, and high durability. Apart from being attractive and favorable, leather is used to make a wide range of handmade leather goods such as wallets, handbags, watch straps.

Now as far as the question of whether The lizard Leather is durable or not is concerned, the answer is yes. As compared to sheep or cowhide leather, this one is sturdy. If you wear it regularly, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to color fading, scratches or wrinkles etc.

Is alligator leather legal?

Initially, using alligator skin for leather purposes was illegal and was considered a crime. These steps were taken to protect the endangered species. However, over the past few years, the US has started to loosen it up and allowed the import/export of alligator skin in some states. This has boosted the demand for it and specialist resellers have begun to buy alligator skins in bulk from tanneries.

How to care for Reptile Leather

  • Just like any other type of leather, this one needs to be taken care of in a proper way if you want it to last for a long time. Keep in mind that over-cleaning can do as much damage to your leather as under cleaning so make sure to maintain a regular duration of cleaning your leather accessory.
  • If you see a spill or spot on the leather surface, get rid of it right away using cleaning or home remedies such as cornstarch in case of grease, etc.
  • Depending on the type of leather surface, cleaning methods may vary such as caring for leather with scales like a crocodile, lizard, snake, etc you must look for a detergent that’s specifically made for such leather types.
  • Firstly, carefully wipe off any dust from the leather surface using a Horsehair Brush. The scales of these leathers easily accumulate dust which is why this step is essential before nourishing the leather.
  • If the leather is extremely dirty, especially around the joints of the scales, it is recommended to use Cleaning Regenerating Soap. It is neutral and solvent-free which basically means that there are no chemicals or toxic elements in it hence the leather is safe.
  • Wipe off any excess liquid and make sure that the leather is completely dry. Use a Polish reptant to care for your shoes, clothes, and other leather goods. This product is specially created for leather such as crocodiles, lizards, snakes, sharks in order to embellish, nourish and protect these delicate leathers.
  • To close the deal, use Varnish Rife Liquid to restore the leather. This product is available in neutral and black, and also as a spray.