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Why Does Leather Peel

Well, it’s very rare for real leather to peel but if you don't take proper care of it and use it on a regular basis without cleaning and conditioning it, it will be damaged. It might not be the only reason why your leather jacket or furniture is peeling off. 

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1/14/2021 10:23 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Care,
Choosing The Right Fitted Leather Jacket

We all have at least one or two leather jackets in our wardrobe, no matter what the season is, a leather jacket is always in fashion. But to say the least, your leather jacket would be nearly useless if it is not the right fit.

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1/14/2021 6:11 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Care,
Does Leather Shrink When Wet

From clothing to furniture and seat covers for your vehicle; leather can be found everywhere. No doubt leather is a durable material that can stand the test of time but being tough doesn’t mean that it can handle any damage caused by weather. 

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1/14/2021 5:26 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Guides,
Does Leather Burn?

If you go out to buy a leather jacket or search for one online, you’d be surprised to see the overwhelming number of types and finishes of the leather. So in order to know better, we must answer the question “How can you tell if it's real leather?” before addressing whether it burns or not.

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1/13/2021 10:23 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Guides,
Nubuck Jacket Care

Nubuck is the leather with a slightly different finishing that gives it a velvety texture. Those who dont have hands-on experience with all types of leather might get confused between nubuck and suede.

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1/12/2021 8:18 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Care,
How To Wear Leather Jacket Over 40

Fashion has no limits and it definitely doesn’t care about age. And even if it does, forty is the new twenty so we’re good to go. The leather jacket is a timeless piece of clothing and you can certainly wear it in your 40’s, 50’s or even 60’s.

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12/31/2020 5:32 PM By Afsheen Comments Style Guide,
How Do You Keep Leather Jackets In Good Condition for Many Years?

First and foremost, you should be very careful about the things you follow on the internet. There’s tons of information and only some of it can be trusted. So no matter what you read and how convincing it might sound, always do a patch test before applying anything to your leather jacket; a cleaner, conditioner, polish, or a moisturizer.

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12/21/2020 8:38 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Care,
How to Break in a New Leather Jacket

Getting a new leather jacket is one task and making it feel and look perfectly comfortable for your body is another. A leather jacket has to be broken-in in order to get that nice worn-in look.

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12/21/2020 6:29 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Care,
What Is Leather Patina

Someone once said that there’s beauty in aging and we’re 100% sure that they were talking about leather. You must have heard people say about leather that with time it gets better. Well, just the real leather, not all. It is because leather comes from animal skin and with each exposure to the sun, water, heat, smell and air, it develops a personality, a character.

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12/21/2020 5:14 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Guides,
How to Keep Your Leather Jacket Shiny

There’s hardly a person who buys a leather jacket and wears it only for a short period of time. Because it’s a long-term investment and a jacket made from real leather goes a long way. So in order to keep it as good as new, the natural shine must be protected at all costs.

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12/18/2020 10:11 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Care,
Best Men Leather Motorcycle Jackets For safety and Style

Safety and style go hand in hand with motorcycle leather jackets. They have been around for decades and proved as a great biking gear for riding enthusiasts.

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12/10/2020 9:14 PM By Afsheen Comments Men's Fashion, Style Guide,
3 Perfect Men's Leather Bomber Jackets for New Year

Initially designed as varsity jackets, soon the bombers became the ultimate fashion trend among men and women of all ages.

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12/10/2020 6:46 PM By Afsheen Comments Men's Fashion,
Best Leather Jackets for Men & Women for 2021

A leather jacket can safely be considered as larger than life costume for people who are fashion conscious. Adventurous people tend to pick a leather jacket over any other costume.

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12/9/2020 10:25 PM By Afsheen Comments Men's Fashion, Women's Fashion, Style Guide,
What Is Bonded Leather?

When you combine real and fake leather, the innovative product that comes into being is called bonded leather. Big companies manufacturing fashion leather jackets and bags often sell or throw away the leftover scraps that are later obtained by smaller companies.

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12/9/2020 8:18 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Guides,
What Is Calfskin Leather?

A baby cow is what calfskin comes from. It is popular in the fashion industry as the leather coming from a calf is soft and smooth. Due to the size of the animal that it comes from, there is no comparison of calf leather with cowhide.

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12/9/2020 6:49 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Guides,
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