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Why Sheep Leather is Best for Female Jackets?

Sheep leather is considered to be lightweight and durable hence used in the making of women leather jackets. Sheep leather is one of the most popular types of leather when it comes to leather jackets.

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9/23/2020 4:06 PM By Afsheen Comments Women's Fashion,
What Is Genuine Leather

What comes to your mind when you hear the word leather? Tough, rugged, durable and warm right? Well, let us tell you that all these characteristics might be true depending on the type of leather that is in question.

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9/22/2020 8:46 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Guides,
Suede & Nubuck Jackets - A Unique Choice for Vintage People

When it comes to a durable and comfortable leather jacket, people often go for cowhide. However, a lesser-known fact is that suede and nubuck are equally stylish, low in price and fulfil all your fashion requirements.

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9/22/2020 4:38 PM By Afsheen Comments Men's Fashion,
Do Leather Jackets Keep You Warm

We’re all familiar with the fact that leather jackets were initially crafted to keep military men safe from extreme weather conditions, cuts or burns with the extra paddings and inner lining. Later, they became a staple costume for the fashion wardrobes.

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9/17/2020 10:09 PM By Afsheen Comments Style Guide,
Why are Cow Hide Leather Jackets Popular

Which is the most commonly used leather in the making of a leather jacket? You guessed it right, it’s cowhide. Durability, fine texture, and a number of other reasons explain why this type of leather is the most common in the world of fashion and leather jackets. Untreated, natural form of leather is what we call The Cowhide.

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9/17/2020 8:40 PM By Afsheen Comments Men's Fashion, Style Guide,
What Is Nappa Leather

A leather product consisting of a higher grade of full grain leather are usually characterized as nappa leather. It is known to have a softer feel which is one of the reasons for its wide use in clothing as well as furniture, bags and shoes.

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9/15/2020 4:13 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Guides,
What is Vegan Leather

Vegan leather basically contains ingredients that don't have anything to do with the animal skin. So long story short, faux and vegan leather are the same at so many levels.

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9/11/2020 4:57 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Guides,
What Is Suede Leather?

Suede leather usually comes from the underside layer of the animal skin. It is one of the most popular types of leathers as the quality of this one is different from others.

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9/10/2020 5:27 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Guides,
What Is Cowhide Leather?

Unbleached skin and hair of a cow before any tanning process, in its most natural form, is called cowhide leather. Although it sounds exciting but before any tanning process, it might not be suitable for wearing.

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9/10/2020 4:13 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Guides,
What Is Nubuck Leather

The top grain of the animal hide is used in the making of nubuck leather which is why it’s more durable as compared to suede. Both have a similar feel to it but the difference mostly lies in the characteristics.

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9/9/2020 8:52 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Guides,
What is Sheep Leather

For all the leather lovers, you may already know about this wonderful type of leather that is used in the making of lightweight jackets and gloves. As compared to all other types of leather, this one is mostly used for women leather goods.

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9/9/2020 7:16 PM By Afsheen Comments Leather Guides,
Lightweight Leather Jackets For Every Season

The thing about lightweight leather jackets is that they’re not only comfortable but also a perfect outfit even in summer evenings. For regular wear to office or college, shopping or a dinner party, these kinds of jackets are preferred instead of the bikers on moto racer jackets.

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8/31/2020 4:41 PM By Afsheen Comments Men's Fashion, Women's Fashion, Style Guide,
9 Rules to Follow When Wearing a Leather Jacket

No leather jacket style is a wrong style but still, people may need some assistance with their newly bought leather jacket to enhance their overall look. It’s amazing how little amount of effort and attention to details can take your style to a whole new level.

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8/28/2020 4:17 PM By Afsheen Comments Men's Fashion, Women's Fashion, Style Guide,
10 Gifts that’ll Delight your Dad this Father’s Day!

It's time to express your love for your dad and what better way to do that than to get a gift for him he’ll love and cherish for the rest of his life? No doubt that we should celebrate a father’s love each day but having one specific day dedicated to the dads all around the world is a beautiful idea.

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8/27/2020 8:10 PM By Afsheen Comments Promotions,
Leather Shirts Style Guide

People might believe that jackets are the only piece of garment made out of leather, but to your surprise, leather is used for making shirts, trousers, scarfs as well as skirts. But we’re going to talk about the shirts made out of premium quality leather.

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8/27/2020 7:24 PM By Afsheen Comments Men's Fashion, Women's Fashion, Style Guide,
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