How to choose a leather duffel bag

There are extremely important questions that may cross your mind when you have finally decided to get yourself a leather duffel bag. The questions you need to consider before jumping into the leather duffel bag shopping spree are listed below.

1. Why are duffel bags expensive

Leather duffel bags are expensive to buy. There’s no denying that. But don’t freak out just yet. You need to understand why duffel bags turn out to be so expensive when you’re looking them up. They are pricey because they are designed using one of the most expensive leather there is - top-grain, cowhide leather. 

As crazy as this sounds, make sure the duffel bag you decide to buy is relatively expensive. Anything under 50 Dollars will not be real leather at all

Fake leather will degenerate and rip apart. Instead of buying yourself a rip-off, invest a few extra dollars to buy something that will last you a lifetime without ever expiring. A real leather bag will age, giving you something to cherish forever.

2. What size duffel bags should I get

Side image vintage cowhide leather duffel bag from leather jacket shop

An ideal size to get would be something that fits in your carry-on in a plane. Ideally, you’ll want to your leather duffel bag on trips. The best cabin luggage size to have would be a compact duffel bag.

It should approximately have the following dimensions:

19"L x 10.5"W x 10.5"H

Plan ahead and buy something that you can carry with you no matter where you go. It should be light in weight and compact in size.

3. What are duffel bags used for

Outdoor image vintage cowhide leather duffel bag from leather jacket shop

In essence, you can use duffel bags to go on a short weekend trip or any travel adventure you plan. For people who are into the gym or sports, it would be the perfect gym bag as well. You no longer need to worry about carrying your things to the gym, a weekend trip or a business trip. The leather duffel bag will help you carry everything in an organised fashion! .

4. What can I fit in a duffel bag

MacBook image vintage cowhide leather duffel bag from leather jacket shop

You can also use it to take a couple of t-shirts, a charger, your iphone and a macBook. Not every bag lets you carry a macBook but the vintage leather duffel bag is designed with an extra macBook pocket, letting you carry a 13-15 inch MacBook on top of everything else!

5. Where to buy a leather duffel bag in Australia

Front image vintage cowhide leather duffel bag from leather jacket shop

There may be various outlets in Australia offering leather duffel bags. To find out where you can buy a bag that is both economical and made from real leather, leather jacket shop would be the best place to give it a shot. 

For the past many years, it has been a leading leather expert in Australia, especially Sydney and Melbourne. There is no hassle of actually getting out of your comfy chair and buying yourself something leather. You can order online and it will be shipped right at your doorstep; no matter where you are!


Buy a leather duffel bag made from real leather that you can easily carry on a weekend trip with all your essentials and is shipped at your doorstep!

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